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Grow your traffic in-house with over 16 years of digital marketing expertise. I specialised and know exactly what to do when it comes time for organic or paid search opportunities that other companies miss out on!

''Benny and the team do an excellent job on our SEO and social media. We find their reports to be comprehensive and helpful in directing our online strategy.''

- Steven Lee

5.0 star rating from my past and current clients

My work is appreciated by hundreds of clients who trust and recommends me

I've got your back.

And I don't just mean for business purposes - every day, the digital landscape changes and new technologies emerge that will impact how we do everything from marketing to customer support; stay up-to date with it all by following me on these platforms. LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.


Let’s get your company started on the path to true SEO success.

I’ll work with you, every step of the way to:

  • Perform an in-depth audit to learn how I can help your business grow.

  • I create tailored SEO strategy that perfectly aligns with your business and branding strategy

  • Boost your website’s rank and reputation using a range of methods, like SEO tailored content and backlinks

  • SEO can be a complicated and broad topic. But, as an expert, I have the knowledge and expertise to help you with your website's online presence!

  • If you got questions, let me know.

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    My Services

    Everything You Need To Seamlessly Run Your Business Online

    Start & Scale Your Business Today with Digital Marketing

    Web Design

    I am passionate about simplifying your life by making it easy for you. My website development process will be quick, simple and efficient so that we can get to work on cultivating leads right away!

    SEO And Advertisements

    You need to have a website that ranks highly on Google, and as development experts, I can help you. I use SEO-friendly site building techniques so your company will stand out from among other businesses when potential clients search online for what they want!

    Sales Funnel Design

    I specialise in creating highly converting sales funnels. I use Groove Funnels and ClickFunnels, lead capture apps and other landing page builders to build your funnel for you!

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    My work can be seen at some of the many companies below and have served a total of 250 clients to date and growing.

    If you’re going round in circles trying different marketing and social tactics without seeing results. As a brand consultant, I can help you break the cycle and move your marketing forward.

    Let’s get your company started on the path to true online growth success.

    This is the time to finally do it, stop thinking and browsing the internet. Contact us now.

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    Commonly asked questions

    You Keep Saying "I" Are you working on your own?

    I work on my own and choose to do so for my years now. All my clients deal directly with me and no one else.

    What is the best way to measure social media marketing success?

    Digital marketing success can be measured in a variety of ways, but the most common metrics used for measuring these campaigns are: traffic and leads. To measure this type of outreach you need to know how many people your profile or posts reached out to, as well as what percentage turned into qualified prospects - Remember that each company and user we deal with is different!

    Do you subcontract your work out?

    No, I do not. It's no secret that all digital marketing and social media marketing agencies always sub out their work to other people. In fact, many agency owners hire cheap labor from overseas to maximise client portfolio and increase profit. 

    How much do you charge by the hour?

    Time doesn't reflect my ability. One of the problems with hourly billing is it forces you into a mindset of charging by the minute and this not only effects the quality of the work but also the value. Each project is priced differently with a set dateline.

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